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Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender Health News


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Original Date of Publication: 01 Aug 2001
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Below are recent news items affecting the health and wellness of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. (See also LGBT Health News archives and general health news.)

  • National Study Launched on LGBT Healthcare Equality (Nov. 1, 2006)
    The Gay and Lesbian Medical Association and the Human Rights Campaign have launched a nationwide survey of the healthcare industry — the Healthcare Equality Index (HEI). The HEI will provide a quality indicator for healthcare related to GLBT people and will identify existing policies that may be used as models.

  • National LGBT Family Conference: Oct. 27-29, 2006
    This conference for LGBT-headed families from all over the U.S. will be held in Dallas, Texas. Educational and recreational programs for youth and adults. Adult topics include health insurance, adoption/parenting, and child welfare.

  • Get Ready for National Coming Out Day: Oct. 11, 2006
    The theme for the 18th annual National Coming Out Day will be "Talk About It." Free Coming Out Action Kits are available.

  • Reports: XVI International AIDS Conference
    August 13-18, 2006, Toronto
    News updates, podcasts, and videos of conference developments are available free from Kaiser Family Foundation. Conference was characterized by 'guarded optimism' and scientific advances.

  • Report Finds That Children Benefit When Their Same Sex Parents' Relationships Are Legally Recognized (Jul. 5, 2006)
    The new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics, "The Effects of Marriage, Civil Union, and Domestic Partnership Laws on the Health and Well-being of Children" appears in the July 2006 issue of Pediatrics.

  • Milestone: Majority of Fortune 500 Companies Offer Domestic Partner Benefits (Jun. 29, 2006)
    The American workplace has reached a milestone this year with the majority of Fortune 500 companies offering domestic partner health insurance benefits, according to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation's report released June 29th, "The State of the Workplace for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Americans 2005-2006."

  • Crystal Meth Addiction Still A Problem For Gay And Bisexual Men (Jun. 23, 2006)
    Meth use among gay and bisexual men is a public health crisis. Recent media coverage downplaying methamphetamine use among the general population doesn't tell the whole story.

  • Rare Chlamydia Strain Can Increase Risk for HIV/AIDS (Feb. 6, 2006)
    A particularly bad strain of chlamydia not usually seen in this country appears to be slowly spreading among gay and bisexual men, an infection that can increase their chances of getting or spreading the AIDS virus.

  • 2005 Survey of Health Care Consumers Reveals Lesbian Health Concerns (Mar. 11, 2005)
    A nationwide survey found that three-quarters of lesbians, compared with half of heterosexual men and women, have delayed obtaining health care even when sick—most often because of high health care costs and lack of adequate health insurance. The survey also found that lesbians are more than twice as likely as heterosexuals to say that bad experiences with health care providers in the past caused them to delay obtaining health care. Twenty-seven percent of lesbians reported having had bad experiences with health care providers in the past.

  • Melissa Etheridge Pink Bracelet Fund (Jan. 12, 2005)
    A special Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet is available in honor of Melissa Etheridge's battle with breast cancer. The pink bracelet has "Be Strong-MLE"® inscribed on it. All proceeds go to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation to aid in the fight against breast cancer.

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