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National LGBT Family Conference: Oct. 27-29, 2006

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Original Date of Publication: 15 Oct 2006
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Act OUT: the National LGBT Family Conference Oct-27-29, 2006 - Dallas, Texas

The conference for families headed by lesbian, gay, bi and transgender parents will be a dynamic three-day event focused on advocacy, education, and support. Just for fun family activities are included.

  • Advocacy — Politically, 2006 has already been, and will continue to be crucial for the health and safety of LGBT-headed families. Parents, new and seasoned (there will be a 101 and a leadership track), are invited to participate in Family Pride's OUTSpoken Families training - learning how to actively engage with media, legislators, faith leaders, school officials and more. Our goal for this conference is to pass along tools and information that will help LGBT-headed families secure equality. Family Pride is partnering with COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere) who will provide programming for youth and adults with LGBT parents in two separate tracks. A peer Community Building track for youth ages 9-13 years and a leadership track for teens and adults wtih LGBT parents. Act OUT will be the place to come together, strategize, and then go back home empowered, armed with the information to advocate for yourselves and your family with confidence and with ! pride.

  • Education — The information gleaned from and learned since Family Pride's Academic Symposium is set to be unveiled in a grand, easily digestible fashion at Act OUT. Come be on the cutting edge of research and information about LGBT-headed families.

  • Support — Act OUT will be a uniquely safe space because we will all live and learn in a single hotel, ensuring that all weekend we will know that we are secure in the surroundings of families that are just like and just as different as ours! In addition to nationally renowned presenters and educational opportunities, this weekend will also feature events designed to let our hair down. Family Pride will be hosting not just a reception and myriad family meals, one of the highlights of Act OUT is sure to be the family Halloween party and Dance! At Act OUT we plan to create an atmosphere where we can refuel, refocus, and reenergize. There is just nothing like being in an incredibly unique environment which is set up to foster community building, expand our networks of friends and allies, and benefit from all our shared experiences.

Act OUT: the National LGBT Family Conference will also feature an exhibit expo. Businesses and organizations that serve the needs of LGBT parents and their children will have exhibits open and available throughout the conference. Exhibitor's expertise will range from legal information to children’s books inclusive of LGBT-headed families.

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