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Instantly Access Our healthchannels, Inc., (HC) publishes reliable, physician-developed patient education for health care consumers. From our toolbar, you can instantly access all of our specialty based healthchannels.

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Our toolbar features a Patient Education feed to keep you updated. Be the first to find out when we add a new article to our network of patient education information and when we launch a new healthchannel.

healthchannels Forum - An Online Health Community from
The healthchannels forum is an online discussion board for people who visit the network of patient education websites. It is a place to talk about health-related issues and to share information and experiences. The forums are separated into specific medical conditions to help you find people with similar medical or caregiving concerns.

Living With - One Person's Story
Our "Living With..." support pages are a place to share experiences about living with a certain condition, disease, disorder, or illness, and for loved ones of those dealing with health-related issues. Read some of our most heartfelt, inspirational, and informative submissions from the Personal Stories feed.

MDLocator - Find a doctor near you
Instantly access's extensive database of doctors and other health care providers from our health toolbar to find a doctor near you.

We provide the chat feature so you can interact with other online toolbar users instantly.

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