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Linking to lgbthealthchannel

Thank you for your interest in lgbthealthchannel, a physician-developed and -monitored source of lesbian, gay, bi, and transgender health information for consumers, written and published by, Inc. We are pleased to grant permission to link to lgbthealthchannel, including to specific pages of our website, as long as you link directly to our full pages. Enclosing our pages within your own frames is a violation of our copyright and is not permitted. Reproducing our content without a content license is also a copyright violation.

Linking to our home page
To link to the home page of lgbthealthchannel, please copy and paste the coding for one of the options below.

For short version:

lgbthealthchannel - Your LGBT Health Community

For descriptive version:

lgbthealthchannel - Your LGBT Health Community
A physician-developed and -monitored online resource for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community members, allies, and health care providers. Resources include health info, health videos, LGBT health news, and links to find LGBT-friendly providers.

Linking to pages within our website
Whenever you link to pages within our website, please always use the page's title along with the publication name, lgbthealthchannel, in the link text. Sample link text:
"Safer Sex/STD Info for Men Who Have Sex With Men (lgbthealthchannel)"

Sample coding for linking to a specific page:

Safer Sex/STD Info for Men Who Have Sex With Men (lgbthealthchannel)

For more information about linking or content licensing, contact us.